Artist's Bio - Mary Vogelsong of Vogelsong Creations

Hello! You can loosely call my work jewelry, although some pieces will be more like sculptures or art. I try to include some type of natural material in almost all of my Creations. I have a background in fly tying, so you may see bits of fur and feathers in my Creations as well!

I have enjoyed making things since I was a kid, including pot holders out of fabric loops and paint by-number pictures. I have always been “crafty”, although one of my college professors once told me I wasn’t really that smart, just shrewd. Another one of my creative outlets is writing and editing.

My husband of 30 years and I are transitioning into the nearly-empty –nest, brink-of-retirement phases of our lives. The pace is just as fast, but we are setting the goals now! We are blessed and happy! I hope you enjoy my Creations!

~Mary Vogelsong