Artist's Bio - Noelle Falvo of Tricky Stitches Studio

My name is Noelle Falvo and I am from upstate N.Y. I've been here all my life, though I question that choice every winter. I was raised with an appreciation of art. My mother was extremely crafty and taught me to sew on her old black singer at a very early age. I remember watching her nimble fingers, expertly making my sisters and my dresses, and clothes and longing to learn the magic. My father between careers on television and radio was an art director for an advertising firm, and I would sit in his lap and draw with him. I was fascinated by his faces in particular, and he taught me how to add a comic spin to my characters. I combined the two and started making dolls and various other crafts that I would sell on a picnic bench in our driveway.

I always loved arts and craft fairs and I looked forward to the treks to Manchester Vermont for the big shows, and our yearly vacations on cape cod to browse all the beautiful hand made goods. By the time I was a junior in high school I had taken every single art class my school had to offer so I was allowed to roam the art rooms for three periods in lieu of study halls. I went on to study fine art in college but switched majors unsure of my path. I ultimately ended up working with pre school children and shared my love of creating with the wee ones, until my own wee ones came along.

Before I knew it I was home raising two boys. I started creating dolls again, and in 2004 I sold my first doll on ebay. I joined up with some very talented artists on PFATT and began selling on The PFATT Marketplace when it was first launched. Both of my parents fell ill in 2014, my mom with heart disease and dementia and my father, who had a rare autoimmune disorder went into kidney failure and developed Merkell cell carcinoma. I put my sewing machine away and cared for them until they passed weeks apart in 2015. I recently picked myself up and brushed myself off.....I am creating again. I know they are smiling, I hope my humble offerings will make you smile too.

~Noelle Falvo