Artist's Bio - Maureen Mills of Sweet Meadows Farm

I have always been interested in art in some form or another. From sad, knitted dolly clothes at a very young age, to learning to sew before I was a teen. My Mother taught me to sew on her "precious" sewing machine. Always stressing no shortcuts, finished seams, and neatness. HA! Fast forward, I'm in my 50's and my art now knows no rules

I sew mostly dolls, many are available in pattern form as well. I do dabble in other mediums from time to time but always find my way back to my sewing machine. It's what makes my heart sing.

I love fabric, I mean I LOVE fabric and putting together different textures and colors is the best. I have the greatest job ever, who else can honestly say that spilling their coffee on their work only seems to enhance it?! I am blessed to have family who always encourages and supports me.

~ Maureen Mills