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Workshop Begins March 21, 2014

Metal and Encaustics Journal Let the Journey Begin..... 

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There once was a house....

Some are built with straw , some with sticks, and bricks. This one was built with metal , and what? Encaustics! I am so over the top excited to share my new online workshop for 2014!! Enaustic and Metal Journal , The Journey Begins..... We will build this metal assemblage cover with no solder , and no glue. We're- Going- All- In.

Oh, the wonderful textures! And I will show you how to get them , without spending a bunch of money on special tools. Putting on, taking off, adding of, as it all comes together, we will be exploring many, many, many different ways to achieve wonderful interesting textures, and Gorgeous rich, deep , patinas on both the metals and encaustics, combined together to create a journal worthy of antiquitous distinction ! (yes I did make that word up :)

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And, who lived inside this lovely house? I will help you discover your house's " story", as we dive into more encaustic exploration and create the time worn pages themed for each person that lived within it while exploring some interesting substrates.

I have never worked in encaustics is that ok? Of course! This is an explorative journey to find out all the wonderous things that can happen when you add encaustics into the "mix" of "mixed media" I also go over all the basics of what works best when it comes to working with encaustic mediums, and a short version of the very long history of the different applications of encaustics in art .

Your finished journal will tell a complete visual ,and archival, history of everyone who lived within your house, As you include artifacts, and relics , along with written word. All with the exciting fun of exploring and experimenting the huge magic of possibilities of creating with encaustics to build a wonderful world of collage and assemblages . I will also be showing some creative ways of how to add the appearance of 100 years to some new items for" instant artifacts!" (you know I love to do that!)

what comes in this workshop?

LOTS of beautiful step out photos!!!

LOTS of high quality videos! (over 5 hours of total fun creating ) Videos broken down into small easy labeled segments ,so you can go to exactly which step you want to see at any time.

PDFs of In depth resource list to go with your supply list, letting you know the best sources I have found for any supplies that need to be purchased.

An online classroom with personal access to classroom 24/7

Online photo sharing with class (only if you wish to )

Access to instructor via email for the whole time.

You will have the workshop for an entire year :) 

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Details details details: please note that you must have high speed internet , and basic computer skills to take this online workshop.

Shari , what does that mean? Well, it means that you have to know how to get the latest version of your browser ( firefox, chrome etc etc. ) ,have the latest version of adobe flash, know how to access a blog, be able to clear your system of all the cookies (not the yummie kind), and how to "bookmark" a website.

And guess what ? I am always very happy to help walk you through things like bookmarking the site step by step, and all the basic jazz if you need help you can always email me, BUT I am not a computer technology specialist, nor am I in your office with you ,or sitting next to you wherever you are with my bunny slippers ( although I probably wish I was) , so I can't see first hand what is going on with your computer . I just make stuff, and share how to make stuff . :)))) My host server is Vimeo . They have very high quality , high definition , easy viewing , and I have found with past workshops are quite reliable.

After purchase I will send confirmation for your class slot within 24 hours (usually within a just a couple hours, but please note where ever you are on our wonderful planet , that I am on EST time and every once in a while I get to sleep at night :). I will be sending out workshop resource lists on where I have found best sources and pricing for supplies, and supply list on Feb 5.

Great thing about this workshop NO huge investment , No big equipment/ tool purchases . A few items we will need for the foundation of our house, after that on your journey you will become a hunter /gatherer, an explorer, historian, and curator of the world you will create within.. Encaustics and Metal Journal Let the Journey begin... As always, feel free to convo me with any questions :) Blessings, Shari Encaustics and Metal Journal , Let the Journey Begin Workshop 69.00 .

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