Artist's Bio - Carmen Ellis of Spooky Hollow

I am the proprietor of Spooky Hollow Folk Art. I'm a Halloween and holiday folk artist making my Spooky Hollow characters come to life in clay, illustrations and paintings. When completed I will have an illustrated children's book about my characters published. I was a cartoonist for my high school and collage publications.

My love for Halloween and everything cute and spooky turned into a fulfilling home business for over 15 years. My cartoon like art characters uniqueness has attracted buyers from all over the world. I am a wife and a mother who lives on a real haunted farm which is ironic.

My "Spooky Hollow" creations have been published in such magazines as "Prims", "365 magazine", "Haunted path magazine", and "A Cornish Litany . I have bee invited to attend Halloween art shows including Halloween and Vine, Hallowbaloo and Spirits in Sanford. I am truly blessed to have a career doing what I love!

~ Carmen