Pat the Patriotic Raven

As we move towards summer we all think about picnics, vacations and the 4th of July. I for one love "Americana" and I love time to meet "Pat" the Patriotic Raven.

Pat is made using muslin, paint, clay and an old candlestick. The one used here is a brass one from the 1950's. I also used an old, well loved American flag for the embellishments. His coat and tricorn are made using wool felt.

The Raven has a stitch and clay face with black glass eyes. He is holding a strip of the vintage flag in his beak. His body is attached to the candlestick with more strips of the vintage flag and his non-working vintage pocketwatch is attached to the candlestick.

I actually used my "Socrates Crow" pattern for the basic bird. You can find the pattern on my website at or my Soft in the Head Etsy page.

Measurements: "Pat the Patriotic Raven" stands approximately 11½" tall and is 12" long.

"Pat the Patriotic Raven" is an original Soft in the Head design
by P.K. Gracia and will come signed and dated.

Like all "Soft in the Head" characters "Pat the Patriotic Raven" is not a toy for
children under 12, but for collectors and decoration only.

Price is $94.00 plus $9.50 Priority shipping within the continental U.S. SOLD!
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