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"Smokin' Santa"

Pipe Smokin' Santa is created with a gourd, clay and wood. He measures a tad over 12” tall from base to top. He smokes a pipe fashioned from part of a gourd. Santa’s hat brim and ball end are sculpted with clay. The hat is dusted with old fashioned mica glitter.

The gourd is meticulously painted with acrylics to achieve detail and followed by an umber wash to age the piece. The santa gourd is attached to a rustic wood base which still has the tree bark attached. Two tiny bronze charms are attached at the base…a snowflake and “Believe” charm.

"Smokin' Santa" is a original One-Of-A-Kind hand-painted piece and will come signed and dated. For more information on my gourd art visit www.poplarhollowstudio.net.

"Smokin' Santa" is $99 plus $13 insured priority shipping in the continental US. SOLD!
To Purchase, please e-mail me at poplarladyk@gmail.com