Artist's Bio - Motherlode Toad Factory

My name is Robyn Lee Martin and I was given a wonderful legacy of a lifetime love of fabrics and sewing by my Grandmother Evaretta, an avid seamstress and quilter. I have been creating and designing my entire life (which is a lot of years - actually 74!). I am totally self-taught. I started painting murals professionally for an interior decorator in my early teens and was an enthusiastic, prolific painter in both oils and acrylics for several years.

I have always loved sewing,fabric and sculpting with Paper Mache. I really enjoy mixing up my own paper pulp. Besides Paper Mache, I now am creating and sculpting all kinds of critters from muslin. They are sewn, sculpted and then painted. Many of my designs are now available E-Pattern format so others can enjoy making them too.

The largest project I have attempted (so far) was a float entry that was a life-sized baby dinosaur. He had an armature of my husband’s entire Toyota Pick-up truck underneath. The next year the truck became a Covered Wagon pulled by an eight foot Monarch Butterfly. Fortunately, (for the truck and my husband) the parade was canceled the following year!

My inspiration comes from the "Creative Muse Gene in Overdrive" I was born with. I come from a long line of very creative eccentric women. I have more ideas and things to make than years left to create them. My Artistic style is best described as “Eclectic Creative Insanity” it varies minute to minute.

The Motherlode Toad Factory is quite an appropriate, name for my business because I live in the Gold Country of California and at any given time, I am generally surrounded by toad, frog and other critter body parts waiting to be assembled. I have been married to my very patient and understanding husband for 54 years and I have 3 wonderful grown children and 9 Grands! I am truly blessed!

 - Robyn Lee Martin