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Calvin Crow and Wesley Worm Celebrate Fall

Calvin Crow and Wesley worm love Fall and they've started to decorate. They picked a fat little Pumpkin and borrowed a wire basket from Calvin's Mom. The basket has excelsior inside and is metal. The basket measures: 11 inches tall and 7 inches across.

Calvin doesn't want to be late for dinner so he always carries his real battery operated watch on a small chain . The watch face is approximately: 1 inch across and the watch face opens. Calvin is free standing on his wire legs. He has glass eyes and textured "feathers." Calvin stands 6 inches tall and from his beak to his tail,he is 12 inches long.

Wesley loves to go everywhere with his best friend Calvin Crow. He has sparkly red glass bead eyes, lots of cute black legs and has a bright yellow stripe on his tummy. He is almost 3 inches long and over 2 inches tall.

Calvin,Wesley and the pumpkin, which is almost 5 inches tall, are not attached to the metal basket and all can be displayed separately.

Price is 75.00 plus $10.00 Shipping inside continental USA
Any questions, or for shipping elsewhere, please e-mail me at