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Rufus Rooster

Rufus Upclose -he's very handsome!

Rufus has Fabulous Tail Feathers!

Rufus Rooster is a large soft sculpture rooster. He sits and measures approximately 13-inches from the top of his head down, and from beak to beginning tail-feathers 15 inches.Close to life-sized. His tail feathers are wired and can be extended for more height. He has lovely glass eyes and his beak,waddle and comb are made of Paper clay.

His body is constructed of a beginning polyester fiberfill stuffed shape. His feathers are made with yards of cotton fabric distressed strips that are hand sewn row upon row. He weighs a little over two pounds. His beautiful white "feathers" can be spot cleaned by hand.

Price is $125.00 plus $16.00 Shipping inside continental USA
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