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"Halloween is Bursting Out All Over!"

If you’re like me, you can’t wait to get past the hot summer, straight into Halloween. I’m always ready to burst with excitement at the onset of the crisp chill in the air, seeing the colorful foliage, and of course, the pumpkins!

This rustic prim offering features a festive grinning Jack O’Lantern, resplendent with straw, a black shiny star garland twirling upward, a spider, a bat, and a sweet polymer clay Halloween heart, all literally bursting upward with happiness.

This hand-made creation is sculpted from paper clay, and painted with an array of autumn-inspired acrylic paints, with a jolly triple-depth bowtie of three different types of material, and set upon a colorfully painted wood plank of purples, gold and glitter, which has been lined with lovely contrasting orange & black material along the outer rim. Signed by me. It would absolutely brighten up any desk or shelf with its joyful countenance!

Measurements: approximately 5” l x 2” w x 7” h

“Halloween Is Bursting Out All Over” is available for $25, plus
$5.00 Priority shipping with the continental USA
For shipping info outside the USA, please e-mail me.


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