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"“All Hallows Illuminated” "

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My favorite thing about Halloween night (other than the scores of candy I get) is to see front porches all over the neighborhood adorned with many big, beautifully carved Jack O’lanterns, all glowing brightly from the flickering candles within. This image from my happy childhood is forever etched in my memory as the true icon of Halloween fun and camaraderie.

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“All Hallows Illuminated” is my presentation of the rustic, vintage-styled Pumpkin King, who stands grandly in the pumpkin patch on Halloween, with a long vine arm that holds aloft a tiny lantern to light the way for all the trick or treaters (the lantern is a small battery operated votive candle that can be removed to install a new battery when needed).

All hand-created from paper clay, acrylic paints, bits of colorful autumn-inspired materials, and nicely festooned with a double bow tie of straw and glitter ribbon. Mounted securely on a glittery “black diamond” scroll-cut wood plaque.

Measurements: 18” H x 8” W

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“All Hallows Illuminated” is available for $75, plus
$15.00 Priority shipping within the continental USA.
For shipping info outside the USA, please email me.


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