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This Month's Featured Artist:

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Annie Beez Folk Art

How did you get started in your craft?
I started out making dolls for my children when they were small. I created an all cloth Victorian rag doll for my oldest daughter for Christmas when she was 3. It was fantastic! I made several outfits,under garments, shoes, stockings, hats, and then I purchased a beautiful pink doll trunk to put it all in. It was lots of fun! I was addicted to dollmaking from that point on. After our family got its first PC in 1995, I discovered the online doll makers community and I began to learn so much. Eventually I began a fairly lucrative business selling my dolls on Ebay, and it has all just evolved from there.

What are your inspirations?
I find inspiration everywhere. I began my business in primitives because at the time my children were small and I was very interested in creating a warm, cozy and nurturing environment for them. And somehow in my mind, that idea always had a country feel to it. I think I always just wanted to live on a farm! So I was very inspired by the primitive décor that was, and still is, popular. But as my children grew my ascetic has changed. These days I am very much into color, especially the soothing colors of nature and the ocean. My artistic style has changed a lot:too! I have moved from the deep richer tones of primitives to a more shabby-chic inspired style. I have begun working in mixed media, and my paintings can sometimes have a lot of color. I love mixed media because to me it has the same freedom as primitives. You are allowed to be folksy and quirky, messy and imperfect. I have always loved that type of naive art.

What are some of your favorite things?
I definitely have an affinity for cuteness. I still love Raggedy Ann and Hello Kitty!. I love to fill my home with beautiful quilts, pillows made from hand dyed wool, and paintings! I am still very much addicted to fabric! I also have a lot of religious art, which is something I really enjoy. I love a painting where every single element is thought out and put there for a reason; each thing symbolizing something. I love to try to “read” a painting in that way!
And as Olaf says,”I like warm hugs!”


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