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- 40th & Plum

This Month's Featured Artist:



How did you get started in your craft?

I’ve always been an artist as long as I can remember but I’ve really only been doing mixed media and sculpture for about 6 years. My husband was gracious enough to let me have one of the bedrooms for my studio space so I spend as much time creating as I can! I still don’t have a single craft I would say is my niche. I really enjoy doing everything.


What are your inspirations?

I get a ton of inspiration from other artists. I love leafing through magazines and seeing what other creative people are doing. I also love watching videos other mixed media artists post on YouTube. I try to sketch as much as I can but sometimes the inspiration comes as I am creating a piece. I love to see what comes out in the end. Its usually very different from what I was expecting!



What are some of your favorite things?

I absolutely love creating cards for people, especially for the holidays. I also really enjoy needle felting cute bunnies for Christmas. I’d have to say creating for the holidays is my favorite.

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