Melissa Tereck A little bit about Melissa Tereck....

I guess you could almost say I was born an artist. From the moment I could hold a crayon I was busy drawing things. I got my first actual commission as an artist in third grade when my teacher asked me to make all the halloween decorations for the classroom. I was thrilled, this was followed by making more for Christmas, art classes soon followed.

In college while I continued my art studies, I added marketing to them. This lead to working in the retail world and eventually the fashion industry. Somewhere along the way I stumbled back to art finding myself not only working with paper mache but creating a collection for the wholesale market.

While this was exciting it was also a bit overwhelming. It seemed best to step back and rediscover the creative side as well as the fun of doing art. So while I still travel the road doing shows they are the ones where I can create one of a kind pieces for the people that so kindly collect the art I create. That's my tale of me - it's very simple I'm an artist!.

~ Melissa Tereck

Here are my offerings for the PFATT Marketplace!



"The Stump House"

"Stump house found beyond the hedge, under the brambles, at the very bottom of the garden". Hand made paper mache, fully furnished and ready for move in.

"The Stump House" measures 20" tall from base to the tippy top

Price is $200 plus shipping
To Purchase, please e-mail me at
For shipping information please email me.




"Nanny Kit "

"Nanny Kit takes her small charge out for a stroll" Mixed medium paper mache, paper clay, fabrics, and found objects make up this happy piece.

"Nanny Kit" measures 12" tall x 9" long.

Price is $190 plus shipping in the Continental US.
To Purchase, please e-mail me at
For shipping information please email me.



Some of my previous works!