Artist's Bio - Fox and Hare

My journey as a Folk Artist began in the early 90's.  It has been a long and twisted road, working in a variety of mediums from soft sculpture aged dolls to paper mache and spun cotton.  Little vignettes and stages have cropped up in recent years, along with a  love of miniatures all combined with vintage and antique items. 

I frequent antique flea markets looking for that perfect piece, like an old boot or a tin car or scraps of lace that I can combine into an original design.  If the truth be known selling my wares on line or at shows, just feeds my habit and my creative juices.  My favorite day is one that is spent in the studio putting together bits and pieces until the finished product emerges.  Last year I purchased a necklace that reads "She had a storm in her brain"!  That describes me perfectly, as the ideas just keep flowing!  The only problem is there is never enough time to make them all.

- Sue Smith