Artist's Bio - Cameo Moon's Donna Tibbs

Hi everyone just a few funny stories about how I got started in this wonderful business.

In the past I have been a deputy sheriff, jailer, deputy treasurer (yes a tax collector lol) and a hairdresser for many years ...whew! Then one day I went to a small craft show and saw a hand sewn mouse..that I just couldn’t leave behind. Well at that time I didn’t know how to sew too I decided to make things out of dried

Then that didn’t seem to be enough, sooo on to making simple primitives..aaaah! Then they got more complex, but still extreme prim, lots of fun for many years. Well being the way I am (changeable a bit-ha!) I decided to take a couple of sculpting classes in clay from Jack Johnston - wonderful man and teacher..learned so much. Then on to painting and making woodsy elfie dolls etc.

So that’s where I am now...hence what my banner says...”What lies under a Cameo Moon?”..please visit me often...I’d love to meet you...and be sure to visit my Etsy shop too!

Hugs to all ~ Donna