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"Peek a Pooh"

Who is that peeking out at you? Looks like Pooh




A Closer Peek

Yes, it is Pooh and a Friend. They have a secret to tell you.

Pooh for You

Here is my mohair Pooh for you. Made from my original pattern, He is fully jointed and wears a Merino wool felt jacket. I offer only one of these little guys every year around Christmas.

Now here is the secret and I think exciting news. For the first time, I am offering a complete mohair kit to make your own 12” Pooh. The kit contains everything you will need, top quality gold mohair, Merino Wool, jointing set and shoe button eyes. My comprehensive pattern and instructions for both size Poohs are in the kit as well.

Measurements: "Pooh" is 12" tall.

• Mohair Pooh: $100 plus FREE shipping in the U.S. SOLD!
• Mohair Pooh Kit: $50 plus FREE shipping in the U.S. SOLD!
To purchase, e-mail me at