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Toy Story 4 Journal and Crafting Kit

We have a new 8 year old grandson in our family and our lives are wrapped up in him and Toy Story 4. This journal is made from a new Golden Toy Story 4 Book. It is filled with wonderful items on which to journal and create.

I have included a Make Your Own Forky paper kit. How about for a Christmas in July gift, give this journal along with tickets to the movie or the new CD which should be out any day.


The Inside Scoop!

The inside front cover contains a pocket filled with Toy Story4 note cards.


On the Back side

The inside back cover contains a refillable note pad on which to draw and journal. Adorable note cards are enclosed in the facing pocket. A separate folder filled with Toy Story fun items is included.


We Are All Friends

This fun journal contains over 50 pages of illustrations and lined papers on which to write and draw and a folder filled with Toy Story treasures such as envelopes and note cards. Not shown is a Woody Key Chain which hangs on the book’s spine. Also, not show are the many inside pages which I will be happy to email you on request. I’m very proud of this journal and think that it appeals to all ages.

"Toy Story 4 Journal and Crafting Kit" is $50.00
Includes Free Shipping within the Continental U.S.
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