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This Month's Featured Artist:

Deux Bijoux Bijoux

 Jim and Lisa Krause, whose company name is “Deux Bijoux Bijoux” have been together since 1998 and are having a wonderful time exploring their combined talents!  They are empty-nesters who share their rural home and studio with a menagerie of four-legged and feathered friends!  They moved from a loft in downtown Denver, Colorado to rural Arkansas in 2006 to fulfill their dream of building a studio and workshop where they could paint and make sawdust!!  Their work is an eclectic blend of whimsical and functional pieces that make people smile!  All of their work is created with a great deal of heart and their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks!

"Jim and I would both be considered “outside artists”—technically—in that we are self-taught.  However, our work isn’t as primitive as what is thought of as “outsider art.”  Jim’s background is in the world of computers and he worked for a large corporation for 30 years until his entire department was terminated in 2002.  I owned a boarding and breeding kennel for years, owned retail stores, and owned a manufacturer’s rep.ing company (representing high-end gift lines.)  Like the John Lennon saying goes, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”  ….Once Jim’s job ended and my love of being a sales rep. waned, we decided to dedicate ourselves to our artwork.  We lived in a wonderful historic building in downtown Denver—but as Jim says, “My sawdust was getting in Lisa’s paint…and her paint was getting in my sawdust.”  

"In 2006, we decided to run away from home in Denver and moved to our very bucolic and rural setting in Arkansas NEAR a town of 432 people!   This move has represented quite a change—but we love our lives here.  We built a wonderful studio and workshop on our property—so our commute is about 30 yards!

We began working with the gourds we show on Pfatt Marketplace when we found a few small round “things” on our property.  We didn’t know what they were….animal or vegetable!!  You never know down here!  J That wonderful find launched the creation of our “gorgeous gourds”—where ornamental and bottle gourds are transformed into sculptures!  We have also developed a line of frames and accessories for two hand painted needlepoint companies, corrugated metal wall-art, furniture, and many dye-sublimated plaques and tiles created from Lisa’s artwork.

We are happily “owned” by 6 Borzoi dogs—and love, love, love them—They are such characters and are with us at home and in the studio each day.  They make us laugh and are such a gift.  Two parrots and three cats also live in our studio and workshop."

Their work includes making use of repurposed corrugated metal that has been cut, dye-cut, sculpted and hand-painted; furniture; a line of  frames designed for two hand-painted needlepoint companies; “chairacters”; wall décor created through the use of a process called dye sublimation;; and their wonderful line of “Hello Gourdgeous” gourd people! 


It is such fun to see the different personalities emerge—almost independent of what we are doing in all we create! 


Jim and Lisa are self-taught artists and have learned by studying, practice, experimentation, and letting their imaginations fly!!!


Thank you!!  We hope you enjoy our work!!

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