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This Month's Featured Artist:

Meet Mary Lazenby of Blue Goose Studios!

I have been drawing and making things for as long as I can remember. I have always loved diving into my imagination to find a muse, and through my drawings and creations bring the stories to life. I had no idea as a child, that my art wouldn’t be just play, but would develop into a way of life. Inspiration comes from many sources; human culture & history, the natural world around me, that odd piece of found material that is just screaming to be repurposed into something else.

 Fall and Halloween seem to be things that inspire my work the most with the multitude of colors and textures the season change brings. Drawing and painting are my first loves, but I have found myself drawn toward mixed media as I have developed as an artist. I have been enjoying exploring and making Art dolls for several years now as they incorporate many techniques. 

Sculpting the paper Mache for the heads, sewing their bodies, to designing and crafting the clothing has been a wonderful challenge. My husband, a gifted hot glass artist, has joined Blue Goose Studios in the past year. He makes glass beads, focal pieces, and pendants for me to create unique jewelry that is truly a reflection of our own style.  


My love to create art never stops as I find myself wanting to learn and explore more techniques and processes.  In recent years I have taken my art our of the studio as I have incorporated art classes with children and large mural paintings into what Blue Goose Studios provides. 

Thank you for taking a moment to read about my story and art.


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